Registered in 1945, Maharashtra Technical Education Society - MTES - was a brainchild of a dynamic entrepreneur Dhondo Krishna Sathe (Dhondumama to all the closests), a visionary who could see with his built-in internal telescope half a century ahead to what was going to happen in the fields of Industry, Finance, Technology and Medicine in India in general and Maharashtra in particular. As envisioned by him, striding advancements in these fields have zoomed India from a crawling third world country to the World's Sophisticated Nations Club.
Born in 1890, in a well-to-do family engaged in Iron & Steel Works, when trades and industries were taboos to most Marathi people, Dhondumama was already a double graduate at the tender age of 22 years; was enrolled by his enterprising peers for ICS, which he was forced to abandon due to sudden death of his eldest brother.
The young man ably shouldered the family business and added another dimension to its constitution. Following large and still strong edifices are living evidence of his acumen:
NMRM Homoeopathic Hospital.
Sir Parshurambhau College, Pune.
New English School, Pune.
Aryan Education Society's High School, Mumbai.
Ramnarayan Ruia College, Mumbai.
Jani Building, Mumbai.
Established by this financial wizard, The Bank of Maharashtra is today one of the leading Scheduled Banks in the country. It has always remained in the forefront of the Indian financial world and the backbone of Dhondumama's ventures which today have placed Maharashtra firmly on India's Industrial, Financial, Technological and Medical map.
Homoeopathy acknowledged by the Global Medical Fraternity as a tested therapy in removing the disease from its root, this Discipline was introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany, nurtured in UK & USA and truly blossomed in India.
Maharashtra Technical Education Society's Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic Medical College, located in Pune, Maharashtra State, a premier institution in India, in training outstanding experts in this Discipline.
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